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Our Story

Sheger Circus and Gymnastics Club was established in 2005 E.C by the owner and coach Behalu Josef. There were  six founding members. Currently there are around 125 distinguished, well-known, prominent and some of the best performers as part of Sheger Circus and Gymnastics club members.

Sheger Circus and Gymnastic Club is undertaking various circus shows being organized. The first and second group through making tremendous efforts by registering fruitful and productive results in the sector, throughout the nation and worldwide. by the training well equipped teenager artists and youth artists that it prouds vividly.
Sheger Circus and Gymnastics Club is well-known in the following achievements:
1.With in different gym shows, being the champion has won above thirty Gold Medals,various awards, and recognitions as center of Excellency with in the gymnastics sports races.
2.Sheger Circus and Gymnastic Club is also proud that it was awarded for the consecutive five years being stood the first rank in a “Culture Week Program” organized by the Addis Ababa City Administration Culture and Tourism Bureau every year.
3.Meanwhile,Sheger Gymnastics and Circus Club feels merrymakings that it had presented shows in Africa under a show title that is known as the “Umoja Fling Carpet”,in Kenya,Tanzania, and in various East Africans countries at large.
4.Last but not least, Sheger Circus and Gymnastic Club, popular club and showed that it’s circus show in Spain,Poland,Italy,Germany,French,Japan,China,UK and USA worldwide and had won various Gold medals,Bronze medals,and Silver medals surprisingly beyond entertaining the international community.

Behalu Joseph
Behalu Joseph

Our Wonderful Team